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Do you know flowers and their meaning? What are some of the flowers to get for different kinds of occasion? We have made a list of the different bloombox you can get for different occasions!

1. Romance/Love

For romantic occasions such as your wedding anniversary, your girlfriend/wife’s birthday and valentine’s day, the red rose is great to convey your passionate love and deep emotions. If you are looking for something a little different, why not get the red rosespray! Mini roses are getting more popular now as they are so cute and dainty in the bloombox!

Lilac/lavender roses symbolizes enchantment and “love at first sight” and is used to express romantic feelings and intentions. It is less common than the red rose and is a unique way of saying “I Love You”.

2. Celebrations

There are lots of flowers you can get for celebration purpose! But we have narrowed it down to these 2 flowers, sunflowers and daisy! Because of their bright and colorful petals, they are often used for celebrations be it graduation, opening ceremony, teacher’s day or birthdays! Order a sunflower freestyle bloombox for the happy occasion!


3. Sympathy Bloombox

Maybe you know a friend who is grieving over a loss of a loved one, a pet or is simply feeling down and you are thinking of how to cheer them up. Sending a white flower themed freestyle bloombox is great to show your concern and care as they are calming in nature and they help to alleviate some stress from the recipient. White Flowers are a comforting way to say “I’m sorry for your loss” in times of grieve.

4. Get Well Soon Bloombox

To wish someone to get well soon, Sunflowers are great flowers to lift up the mood of the hospital ward and the spirit of the patient. Due to their bright nature and reflection of the sun, they give a ray of hope a speedy recovery. Daisies in their variety of bright colored blooms – pink, yellow, orange, red, white, peach can also be a great choice for get well soon flowers. Add on a teddy bear and you will surely see a smile on your recipient’s face!

sunflower & daisy bloombox

5. Friendship

Red roses are great for romantic occasions, but roses of other colors are great as flower bloombox gifts for your friends! Different rose color symbolizes a different meaning, so read on if you wish to know which color you should get for your friends!

Rose Bloombox

  • Light Pink Rose – symbolism of sweetness and innocence
  • Pink Rose – gratitude, joy and admiration for someone
  • Champagne Rose – loveliness and tenderness
  • Yellow Rose – joy, happiness and a new beginning
  • Orange Rose – enthusiasm, passion and congratulations
  • Blue Rose – mystery, faith and free-spirit
  • White/Cream Rose – innocence, purity, youthfulness and sympathy

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