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10 Best Lily Bouquets Flower Delivery in Singapore

Looking for lily bouquets to get for your loved ones? Whether it is for wedding anniversary, birthday, grand opening or sympathy, lilies are the most suitable flowers as lilies in different colors can convey different emotions. Pink lilies are usually used for celebration, while white lilies are usually used for condolences. With so many choices out there, we have narrowed down the 10 best lily bouquets flower delivery in Singapore that you can shop with!

1. Singapore Florist Lily Bouquets

singapore florist
[Image Credit: singaporeflorist.com.sg]

Singapore Florist offers their lily bouquets in a variety of colors and various different forms of arrangements which include hand bouquet, bridal bouquet and table arrangement in vase and baskets. Types of Lilies and colors offered include the Stargazer Lily in Pink and White as well as Calla Lily in Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, White and Yam.

Free delivery provided.

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2. Flower Chimp

flower chimp lily bouquet

Lily Bouquet ($94.90)
[Image Credit: flowerchimp.sg]

flower chimp lily stand

Infinity ($337.90)
[Image Credit: flowerchimp.sg]

If you are looking for stands with lilies on it, do consider Flower Chimp as they offer a variety of lily stand arrangements – Hand Bouquet, Stands and Wreath, Table Arrangement.

Types of lilies and colors offered by Flower Chimp include the Stargazer Lily in White, Pink and Yellow. Free same day delivery for orders before 1pm on Monday to Saturday.

3. Floral Garage Singapore

floral garage lily floral carrier
Floral Carrier ($79.90)
[Image Credit: floralgaragesg.com]

floral garage lily bridal bouquet
Bridal Bouquet 15 ($380)
[Image Credit: floralgaragesg.com]

In terms of arrangements, Floral Garage has more variety as they have hand bouquets, bridal bouquets, flower stands and wreaths, table arrangements and their unique Floral Carrier. Floral Garage offers Stargazer Lilies in Pink and White and Calla Lilies in White, Red, Yam and Dark Orange.

Free same day delivery provided.

4. Far East Flora

far east flora lily bouquet
[Image Credit: fareastflora.com]

Whether you are looking for a lily hand bouquet, lilies in a bag, lilies in table arrangement, stands and wreaths or even as corsage, Far East Flora has something for you.

At Far East Flora, the Stargazer Lilies are offered in White, Pink, Yellow and Orange while their Calla Lilies are offered in Red, Orange, Black, White and Pink. Far East Flora offers same day flower delivery at $7.

5. Little Flower Hut

little flower hut lily bouquet

Dazzle Her Day ($200)
[Image Credit: littleflowerhut.com.sg]

little flower hut lily bouquet
Classic ($120)
[Image Credit: littleflowerhut.com.sg]

For conventional lily bouquets and arrangements, Little Flower Hut offers bespoke arrangements in hand bouquet and table arrangement. They have a bold mix of colors and different types of flowers in their lily bouquets which is why they are a little more pricey.

Types of lilies and colors offered by Little Flower hut include the Stargazer Lilies in White, Pink and Yellow and the Calla Lilies in White. Free same day delivery is available from Mondays to Saturdays for orders made before 4pm.

6. Floristique

Floristique offers only Calla Lilies in hand bouquet style. Their gentle mix of colors and consistent wrapping style is a good choice for those who are more conservative and minimalist. Offered in White, Pink, Yam and Black, their unique Dreams ($79.99) consisting white Calla Lilies in white wrapping is purity at it’s best.

Floristique offers free same day delivery for their 9am-6pm timeslot.

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7. Xpress Flower Lily Bouquets

[Image Credit: xpressflower.com]

Like Floral Garage and Far East Flora, Xpress Flowers offer an assortment of lilies in various arrangements. Their lily arrangements include hand bouquets, stands and wreaths, hampers, baskets, bridal bouquet, car decoration and corsage.

Stargazer Lilies are offered in White, Yellow and Pink while Calla Lilies are offered in White. Xpress flower offers free delivery only on weekdays between 1pm to 5:59pm.

8. Angel Florist

angel florist lily arrangementss

[Image Credit: angelflorist.com]

If you love variety, Angel Florist has a whole range of lilies in hand bouquet, bridal bouquet, flower stand and wreaths, hampers as well as table arrangement. Whether you need a lily arrangement to celebrate, sympathize or simply to say I love you, they have something for you.

Angel Florist offers Stargazer Lilies in White and Pink and their Calla Lilies in White, Yellow, Majestic Red and Maroon. They offer free same day delivery for all their flowers.

9. Flower Advisor

flower advisor lily vase

Exclusively Asia – Lilies ($135)
[Image Credit: floweradvisor.com.sg]

flower advisor lily bouquet
The Voice Within ($172)
[Image Credit: floweradvisor.com.sg]

Flower Advisor has beautiful lily arrangements in hand bouquet and vase arrangements. Their assortment of lily bouquets contains minimalist, bold, traditional, and rustic arrangements. Types of lilies offered by Flower Advisor include the Stargazer Lily in Pink, White and Orange, and the Calla Lily in White and Yam.

Flower Advisor offers free same day delivery.

10. Roses Only Lily Bouquets

rosesonly lily box
10 White Lilies Gift Box ($99.95)
[Image Credit: rosesonly.com.sg]

4 Lilies & 8 White Cream Roses & Veue Clicquot 750ML Gift Box ($259.25)
[Image Credit: rosesonly.com.sg]

If you prefer an unconventional type of lily bouquet, roses only offers lily arrangement in their “roses only” gift boxes. They offer alcohol to go along with their gift box to complete the gift. Only Stargazer Lilies in White and Pink are offered by roses only.

Free same day delivery available.

[Featured Image Credit: floralgaragesg.com]

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